The MaRDI-Gross project

The project Managing Research Data Infrastructure: Big Science (MaRDI-Gross, was funded by JISC in 2011–12, to support big-science projects in developing suitable Data Management and Preservation (DMP) plans for the data they generate.

We've produced a v1.0 report, intended to act as an ‘intellectual toolkit’ for individuals or groups who are developing a DMP plan for a large-scale project, but which should be of interest to others with large-scale data-management concerns. We think it likely that we'll produce a v1.1 update to this report towards the end of 2012. You can find the report (and other references) at:

Please use this URL when referring to the report, and not the URL it (temporarily) resolves to.

You can also keep abreast of developments on the project blog.

Project participants: