Astronomy Honours/Masters, General Relativity 1, podcast lectures

large feed iconI'm making available recordings of my GR lectures via a podcast (see the course home page for other downloads).

You can use podcasts using a variety of tools, of which the best known is Apple's iTunes. Instructions for iTunes and others are below.

All the audio files associated with the course are at;rss

You can use the files there, or use a podcast application and ‘subscribe’ to updates (this is what makes it a podcast rather than just a bunch of audio files on the web). The crucial bit of information is the URL of the podcast feed, which is;rss

If you have any problems with the feed, or with the enclosed MP3 files, do let me know fairly urgently.

Please do let me know how you get on. I'm interested in whether you use these recordings, how, when, why, where, plus any other feedback that occurs to you.

There are two things you can do with this podcast:

How do I use this?

Podcasting is most immediately associated with Apple's iTunes, so the instructions for that come first. It is not specific to iTunes, however, and there are multiple other ways you can use the podcast feed.

Selecting the subscription menu item in iTunes Within iTunes, select the `Subscribe to Podcast...' menu item, under the `Advanced' menu, and copy the above URL into the box that appears. That's it! You should now see the lecture notes podcast as one of the podcasts (perhaps the only podcast) you've subscribed to.

ITunes is available for OS X and Windows (though it's reportedly a bit of a pig on Windows).

Other tools

There's a whole clatter of aggregators at podcastingnews. I've used very few of these: if you have any recommendations or experience, please pass them on.

If you click on the feed URL link above, Safari will handle the page appropriately, and you can simply bookmark that page. It also has a little 'RSS' icon in the address bar.
If you're using a reasonably recent version of Firefox, you should see the RSS feed icon RSS feed icon in the address bar: simply click on that, and you should be prompted to save a `live bookmark'.
Juice (aka, iPodder or Lemon)
I've heard good things of Juice (OS X, Windows, and Linux; this seems to have been until recently called iPodder, or possibly Lemon). A quick play around suggests that it seems to work OK.
Any others?
If you've instructions for any other tools or browsers, please let me know.

Doing it by hand...

If you don't want to bother with the RSS feed (which is really what makes it a podcast rather than just a bunch of MP3s on the web), then you might just want to pick up the MP3s directly: For that, see the podcast's tagging interface

(the point of the podcast is that you don't have to bother checking back to this page to see if there have been any updates, but if this is the only podcast you listen to, then there's not much gain in that).

Tagging audio

This is an experiment.

As well as being available through the podcast feed, the lectures are available through an experimental tagging interface.

Norman introduced this in the lecture, but you can find an introduction to the interface in a demo video.

October-December 2014