Lecture scribbles

These are the scans of scribbles during the lectures. They're not intended to make much sense as standalone documents, but should be read in conjunction with the audio podcast. Click on a thumbnail for the full-size version, or download the whole lot as a zip file.

Is this the most useful way to distribute these? Suggestions are most welcome.

Lecture 02

fig-02-01 fig-02-02 fig-02-03 fig-02-04

zip file

Lecture 03

fig-03-01 fig-03-02 fig-03-03 fig-03-04 fig-03-05 fig-03-06 fig-03-07

zip file

Lecture 04

fig-04-01 fig-04-02 fig-04-03 fig-04-04 fig-04-05 fig-04-06 fig-04-07 fig-04-08 fig-04-09 fig-04-10

zip file

Lecture 05

fig-05-01 fig-05-02 fig-05-03 fig-05-04 fig-05-05 fig-05-06 fig-05-07 fig-05-08 fig-05-09 fig-05-10

zip file

Lecture 06

fig-06-01 fig-06-02 fig-06-03 fig-06-04 fig-06-05 fig-06-06 fig-06-07 fig-06-08 fig-06-09 fig-06-10 fig-06-11 fig-06-12

zip file

Lecture 07

fig-07-01 fig-07-02 fig-07-03 fig-07-04 fig-07-05 fig-07-06 fig-07-07 fig-07-08 fig-07-09 fig-07-10 fig-07-11

zip file

Lecture 08

fig-08-01 fig-08-02 fig-08-03 fig-08-04 fig-08-05 fig-08-06 fig-08-07 fig-08-08 fig-08-09 fig-08-10 fig-08-11 fig-08-12 fig-08-13 fig-08-14 fig-08-15 fig-08-16 fig-08-17

zip file

Lecture 09

fig-09-01 fig-09-02 fig-09-03 fig-09-04 fig-09-05 fig-09-06 fig-09-07 fig-09-08 fig-09-09 fig-09-10 fig-09-11 fig-09-12 fig-09-13 fig-09-14

zip file

Lecture 10

fig-10-01 fig-10-02 fig-10-03 fig-10-04 fig-10-05 fig-10-06 fig-10-07 fig-10-08 fig-10-09 fig-10-10 fig-10-11

zip file

Norman Gray
2013 November 12