Physics and Astronomy Research IT Manager

I am the school's 0.6FTE Research IT Manager (or one of them, along with Jon Trinder; or that title plus (except where Jon does the school network)).

My template week – that is the days I do IT stuff, except when I change it for some reason – is:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday;

I have other commitments on the other days, though generally on-campus, so I'm here for emergencies.

I use both and (still), and I'd prefer if you use the former for School/IT-related stuff, and the latter for everything else, but it's no big deal if your emailer automatically fills in the other, or vice-versa (or, indeed, now you come to mention it, contrariwise).

I will be away, and as near as I can make it incommunicado, on:

2016 August 10