Astronomy 2: Session 2004-2005


First meeting of the A2 Supervision Groups is on Friday October 8th 2004 at 11am.
Please meet at the office of your Group Leader (all room numbers are in the Kelvin Building)

Group 1
Dr Martin Hendry
Room 604, ext 5685
Gary Gillespie
Keir Murdo
Jennifer Irons
Richard Egan
Roy Mackinnon
Sarah Houston

Group 2
Dr Lyndsay Fletcher
Room 618, ext 5311
Alison Dick
Helen Sweeney
James Bainbridge
Nuno Gomes
Steven Wilkinson

Group 3
Dr Declan Diver
Room 606, ext 5686
Andrew Blain
Gary Dickie
Iain Kerr
Matthew Edgar
Tim Roberts

Group 4
Prof John Brown
Room 609, ext 5182
Francoise Ethevient
Anders Roberts
Euan Bennet
Ewan Dickson
Mark Lawrie

Group 5
Dr Joe Khan
Room 620, ext 6427

Colin Archibald
Duncan Smith
Fraser Watson
Grant Miller
Stephen Chisholm
Thomas Hoy

Group 6
Dr Graham Woan
Room 617, ext 5897
Ben Hall
Calum McFarlane
Frances Miller
Laura Porter
Riccardo Bassiri

Dr Martin Hendry
A2 Class Head