Hi All,

Here is the current schedule for the Team 2 discussions. The topics are
the same as those I sent around before. Based on your responses to
those, the topics have not changed but it is becoming a little more
clear as to who would like to present things in individual sessions.
To that end, the names listed with each topic below are just those who
are currently planning to present something in that particular session.
However, in keeping with the workshop theme, I hope these discussions
will generally be informal and various members will feel free to take part.
If you do not see your name in a given section and you want to make sure
I reserve time for you to present something in that section, send me email
as soon as you can. In a couple of cases, it was not clear to me exactly
what topic some of you want to make a presentation, so I went ahead and
put your name in both places. Finally, I have put down the date I think
each topic will be discussed on, though I have refrained from putting
speicif times as I think this will be dictated by the discussion itself.

In addition to formal discussion, I also hope to reserve time for splinter
groups to form to do specific work on problems that come up during the
discussion. Bring your laptops and make sure you have your analysis
software loaded on them. Also, for those of us travelling from lands that
use different types of plugs, make sure you bring an appropriate adapter
so you can plug in your power supply. In most cases, your power supply
should be able to handle the voltage (240 - this should be stated on the
power supply), but it may not have the correct plug.

Well, I think that is about all until I see you next week at the meeting.


I. Inverting photon spectra to recover electron spectra (Johns-Krull,
Kontar, Piana) - June 4

II. Forward-fitting and the use of models to look for specific X-ray
diagnostics (Holman/Emslie, Gordovskyy, Zharkova) - June 4

III. Goodness of fit criteria for derived electron spectra (Emslie, Holman?)
- June 4,5

IV. Effects of albedo (C. Alexander, Johns-Krull, Saint-Hilaire, Schmahl) -
June 5

V. Imaging and source sizes (Schmahl, Vilmer) - June 5,6

VI. Optimized way to perform imaging spectroscopy (Lin) - June 6

VII. Simultaneous observations at other wavelengths and what they can
tell us about the accelerated electrons (Vilmer, Zharkova) - June 6