Lecture Material

Day 1: Data, Imaging & Mapping - Dr. Lyndsay Fletcher (University of Glasgow)

Introduction to SODAS & SolarSoft [PDF]
Solar Imaging & Mapping Software [PDF]
IDL/SSW Commands for TRACE Exercise [PDF]
IDL/SSW Commands for XRT Exercise [PDF]

Day 2: Magnetic Fields & Extrapolations - Dr Stephane Regnier (University of St. Andrews)

Measuring Solar Magnetic Fields [PDF]
Coronal Magnetic Field Extrapolations [PDF]
Tutorial Example 1 [PDF] and Solutions [PDF]
Tutorial Example 2 [PDF] and Solutions [PDF]
Tutorial Example 3 [PDF] and Solutions [PDF]

Day 3: RHESSI Spectroscopy - Dr. Iain Hannah (University of Glasgow)

Introduction to RHESSI X-ray Spectroscopy & Walk through tutorials [PDF]

Day 4: Hinode/EIS Spectroscopy - Dr. David Williams (MSSL)

Information and links about these sessions.

Day 5: RHESSI Imaging - Dr. Eduard Kontar (University of Glasgow)

Introduction to RHESSI X-ray Imaging [PDF]
RHESSI script make_hsi_image [PRO]
RHESSI script make_vis [PRO]
RHESSI rhessi_trace [PRO]
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