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Audiotag – help

This is a still-experimental application for tagging audio files. The help here is still provisional: it probably needs some polishing. If it's garbled, let us know.

Probably the most effective way to see how to use the service is to skip the chatter below and look at the audiotag demo screencast. That's been updated with information about the tag liking functionality added in February 2013: see the new video (HD version).


Podcasts are described here as series, meaning a series of MP3 recordings. A series named My Lectures might appear at the URL /track/my-lectures, and the tracks within in as /track/my-lectures/lec1.

Consult the list of available series to see what podcasts are available. These are shown as a timeline, which you can drag to right and left, and which shows the various recordings within that series. Click on the bar in the timeline to see a little more information about it, and click on the link within that bubble to go to the track. Or just select the track from the list below the timeline.

Recordings, and tagging

The display should appear with the recording centred on the big green arrow. Press the play button to play the audio, starting at the cursor, or to skip back and forward in the stream.

If you want to tag a particular point in the audio, you'll need to be logged in using your GUID. Scroll or play the audio to find an instant you want to tag, and when you're in the right place, type a tag (such as tangent-plane) into the box at the bottom, and press return. Tags are single words (so letters, dashes and dots), so if you type in multiple words, you'll create multiple tags. That should be all there is to it.

If you click on an existing tag, you can add further tags to the same instant.

In the lecture track display, you can hover over the time display, below the audio track, to get a URL link to the current instant. You can paste this into an email or other medium to pass on a link to ‘now’ in the audio.

Click on a tag to display a little more information about it, and click on the little heart symbol to 'like' the tag. You can remember what things you've tagged, and what you've liked, by going to your ‘user page’ by clicking on your name in the top-right corner.

RSS feed

You can use an RSS feed to keep up to date with new recordings in the podcast (it's the RSS feed that makes this a podcast RSS icon, as distinct from just being a bunch of audio files on the web). You should be able to find a link to the RSS feed at the bottom of each series page. You can `subscribe' to podcasts using several different applications, by giving it this `subscription URL'. The best known such podcast reader is Apple's iTunes, but there are others.

Other activities

If you own a series

If you are the owner of a series (ie you're a lecturer), then you can add new recordings to the series by going to the series page, scrolling to the bottom, and finding the upload another link.

If you want to program against the service

There's a RESTful API to interact with the service. This is very unstable; you'd best talk to Norman first.