Lab project pages

General resources

Code of safe practice

MATLAB resources

Telescope resources

LaTeX: basics, advanced, maths & graphics

Small Radio Telescope (SRT)

a conversion chart between
equatorial and galactic coordinate systems

Computational projects

The slowdown rate of the Crab pulsar

A solar system simulator

Testing Friedmann model universes

The relativistic camera

Modelling the solar wind

Stellar evolution

ZAMS fitting

The pattern of temperature fluctuations in the CMBR

Galactic structure and nearby galaxies


Planetary imaging with a CCD camera

Stellar imaging with a cooled CCD

Solar limb darkening

Galactic temperature at 408 MHz

Geomagnetic storm detection

Small Radio Telescope observational projects:

  • Measuring the flux density of the Sun
  • Measuring the Galactic rotation curve
  • Measuring the peculiar velocities of local galaxies


The response and performance of a CCD detector

The instrumental profile of a spectrometer

Microwave astronomy detectors

All-sky camera

Small Radio Telescope instrumental projects:

  • Determining telescope performance (system temperature, beamwidth, aperture efficiency, pointing accuracy)

Matlab resources

MATLAB online help

Matlab intro, tutorial databook and tricks

Matlab SRT file reader


Data acquisition resources

Labjack and Pico analog-to-digital converter


Telescope resources

SBIG CCD camera manuals and software

Meade 8, 10, 12 and 16" telescope manuals

Celestron 5" telescope manual